Want to run a workshop or masterclass for your theatre group, school, cast or agency? Group sessions are available that cover an accent's key sounds and allow everyone a chance to try them out. These can also be expanded to include script work, scene performances, and in-rehearsal coaching.

Recent workshops

Nottinghamshire Accent Masterclass for Radley College

Helped to provide the cast of Radley's production of 'Wonderland' by Beth Steel with authentic accents to play Nottinghamshire coal miners.

Private 'General' American Workshops

In the Covid lockdown period, I've run private workshops for the young actors' companies at Southwark Playhouse and Theatre Peckham, and a bespoke three-week American accent course for talent agency TTA Kids.



Public Skype Accent Workshops
Since March 2020, I've run weekly and bi-weekly Skype workshops open to the public. Accents covered so far include:

  • Liverpool and Manchester 2-in-1

  • Wales: North and South

  • Glasgow and Edinburgh 2-in-1

  • Belfast and Dublin 2-in-1

  • New York to New Orleans (US Regional Accents)

  • General American



A typical workshop includes:

Key Sounds
A detailed breakdown of the sounds that make up the accent, their placement in the mouth, and example words and phrases.

Text Reading
All participants will read short sections of text aloud, allowing them to discover how the new sounds work in context.

Tongue Twisters
These can be provided as a warmup, mid-session to tease out challenging sounds, or to close the session and take away for practice. 

Want to add more to your workshop? Additional features include:

Play Reading

Putting on a production and need the cast to run the text in the accent? I'm very happy to sit in and advise with a full or partial readthrough.


Taking away the script adds a whole new level to thinking on your feet. I can run improv exercises that help to push the accent into becoming automatic.

get a quote

If you're interested in booking a workshop, send me an email at

I'm always happy to discuss your budget, and will quote based on number of participants, length of the workshop and travel requirements.

Block booking for workshops is also available!

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